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Originally Posted by Murrayalmagrofan View Post
Babolat Pure Storm Ltd GT
This racquet was a pleasant surprise. I have pretty long strokes and can generate my own power, so despite the small sweetspot, I felt like I could really whip the racquet head and hit the ball with a ton of pace. Off center shots or defensive shots you might hit when pushed back deep behind the baseline, felt absolutely anemic with this racquet. I feel like Babolat has a winner on their hands if they just gave it a more open string pattern. However, this frame was by far the most accurate and precise stick that I hit with all night. Slice shots were amazing. I felt access to spin was decent despite the 18x20 string pattern. Volleys were sublime as the head could easily be maneuvered into position. Serves and overheads were decent but not spectacular. I felt like I lost at least 5mph on my serves (compared to my Slazenger). If I went with this racquet, I'd need to add some lead tape to the head (@ 9 and 3 o'clock + 12 o'clock).

Initial Grade = 8/10
I don't particularly like the Pure Storm but there are a heck of alot of errors / inaccuracies in your comments.

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