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Originally Posted by Tafmatch View Post
Fed is 100% right and you know it. He even said the surface at the WTF is fine as it is, no excuses. And you never heard him talking about speeding up claycourts. He just wants to see some more variety and some faster courts and I believe a lot of tennisfans agree with him.

I don't even think Fed would be the main beneficiary of faster courts. He dominated the medium/medium-fast courts for years and the surface homogeneity seemed to have helped him win 17 grand slams.

Of course Fed would be the beneficiary. Reason given: variety. Real reason: to whip Djoko's *** like Cincy. Fed could play on all surfaces in the past, now it's becoming more and more difficult (age and all). Which is why he's asking for more fast ASAP. And it's funny because a few months ago, he was criticizing Rafa/Djoko for badmouthing Madrid's surface and was waxing lyrical about the importance for players to adjust to anything that was presented to them. So, here you go Fed: adjust to current surfaces and don't moan about the speed. Take your own advice. It can only be the wisest.
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