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Originally Posted by db10s View Post
Suitable for sure; they were produced in collaboration with Nike and I THINK, they are similar to the Vapors.
Yeah, I was just wondering cause the description says "Once a performance court shoe, the Jack Purcell lives on as a stylish yet classic casual shoe."

So it looks like it's being touted as a casual shoe, NOT a tennis shoe.

I am not really shoe-knowledgeable on what features it lacks that make it unsuitable for play.

I do know it looks great. And I picked up a pair on clearance and it feels comfortable to walk in but it's half a size too large for me, so I haven't yet been inclined to use it on court.

Converse, IMO, has made a marketing error by not marketing and updating their retro tennis shoes. They could have had success with them as they have had with the retro Chuck Taylor basketball shoes
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