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Originally Posted by JetFlyr View Post
I see that Gosen OGSM, Technifibre, and Kirschbaum can all be bought (in reels) for roughly the same price. I have been using OGSM for several years and, while it's a great cross with a poly, I haven't been terribly impressed with it in a full bed.

How do the Technifibre and Kirschbaum synthetic guts compare to OGSM? I'm trying to decide if I should give one a go (I buy reels) or stay with OGSM.

In years past, I have really liked the feel of PSGD and, believe it or not, Eagnas Perfect Spin.
I think you prefaced that statement with, "...believe it or not..." because of the name Eagnas. If that's true, hopefully you realize it's not the name; it's all about what feels good to you - period.

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
^^^He did specify, he's asking about the syn guts. Tecnifibre and Kirschbaum only make one syn gut each.
Actually Kirschbaum makes two syn guts. Their premium syn gut comes at a premium price compared to OGSM's, Technnifibre's and their regular syn gut.

I have Technifibre syn gut, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to test it yet. I have two more sticks coming today, so I should be able to cycle through my string collection a little faster. From what I've read thus far, however, the people who've tried Technifibre said they liked it, that it played a little firmer than OGSM.
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