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Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
What you said : "Grand Slams are big tournaments so the WTF isn't."
I did not say that.

Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
LMAO if there is one thing I have learned here at Talk Tennis it is you cannot argue with stupidity. You are a perfect example of that.

Did you even read the article?

Here are a few quotes directly from the article that reinforce big:

"The Barclays ATP World Tour Finals today welcomed its 1 millionth fan through the doors of The O2 to watch the prestigious season finale."

"It was announced this week that the world’s largest indoor tennis tournament would remain at The O2 through 2015 and that Barclays"

"Watched by more than 70 million viewers in 184 countries in 2011"


Just for reference total attendance for the French Open in 2011 was 429,105 (source) which is less than half of the attendance of the WTF which has not yet completed.
You are an idiot. According to your logic WTF is bigger tournament than FO.
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