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Originally Posted by toly View Post
I’m not so sure about Federer ace. So far nobody described how to analyze theoretically and practically ball path after contact. That’s why nobody knows where he/she must move with adjustable steps to get into proper receiving position. Maybe there should be no aces at all.

You are right, he isn't Alejandro Falla.
no i donīt think it is him, donīt know who it is, not important

if you look at the video, federers opponent isnīt even swinging at the ball. if it where only a matter of misjudgement, you would see him swinging in the air. so, imo, it wasnīt only the kick but also pace and placement that contributed heavily to the ace.
the returner has a split second to decide where the serve will go, at what speed and spin/slice. he does that by watching and evaluating what the server does before contact mainly not the ball path after contact. just my opinion
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