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Originally Posted by GuyClinch View Post
The only highly specific stuff that most tennis players need to do is the anti-injury stuff, IMHO. For me that would include little exercises like rotator cuff work and y's and t's.

I don't agree that 'high loads' are an issue. You want loads high enough to facilitate strength gains via multi-joint movements. (Outside of the pre-hab stuff I mentioned) So this would be minimum 3-12 reps to failure.

Your goal with regards to lifting in the gym should be to actually get stronger. You should be seeing all your lifts increase. You should be choosing lifts that you can load safely to avoid injury. (For example you might choose a chest supported dumblell row over a barbell row to lower the lower back work)

If you are working out more then 4x a week in the gym and have progressed to fairly intense upper/lower body splits.. You can consider doing speed and agility work on your 5th and 6th days. This would include plyometrics, footwork drills, sprinting drills and so on.

This of course more tennis specific BUT rec players would be better served with more court time and court drills especially if they are doing this without guidance IMHO. SO this hardly comes up - except for pro/serious players who are getting alot of court work already.

I think the real problem is people think that doing a bit of off court work will make them into a monster hard hitter on the court and are disappointed that the lifts don't 'translate.' But you will learn to tap into your strength gains via practice on the court rather then mimic tennis mechanics carefully off court..
Well said. 2 extra drill sessions will improve footwork and timing without having to be stronger. That said, you then need to safeguard against injury to accommodate the extra hitting.
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