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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
Completely different eras, no one is able to serve and volley nowadays and get to semis of Master Series, let alone win a slam. If Agassi played in this era for the past 7 years, He would not win a single slam, any top 10 now is better than Agassi ever was, you may disagree.

The conditions were a lot faster as well, shorter points, there is almost no way Sampras would ever rally 10 shots with a 85sq in these conditions they play nowadays, it has been changed to have more rallies unfortunately.

As for the racquet, Sampras last used that racquet more than a decade ago, since his retirement he has not used it anymore, rather a 98 as some people have seen and proven.

If a 85sq is that good and has more advantages why nobody uses it? Why doesn't Federer go back to it?? No performance at the highest level, rather a disadvantage.
Yes.. but if Agassi was born in 1985 and took advantage of the technology and advanced training techniques now used by the top pros, Nadal probably wouldn't have won one. The power of what-ifs...
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