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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
I wish I went , can you share some highlights of something you learned that you did not know about from before, you can email if you like .
Alot of information on how the mind works,leverage based forehand,and a ton of footwork information.At first i was like i didnt want him to share all this information with other coaches i wanted him to keep it only to share with just our girls. Now i see the big picture and understand what hes trying to do by educating other coaches in his system. It really was a great weekend. We had about 20 coaches there from all over the world. I think the one thing that made the weekend so great was the way Heath teaches you to deliver this information. I felt like i knew alot of the stuff already because i have been around him since June but now im soooooo much more confident in how i teach it. Thats the thing alot of coaches can learn alot from his website but when your taught how to apply it with your students its priceless!!! It is something that will definitely help you become a better coach. Hope to see you there in Dec!!!
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