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Originally Posted by forehandbackhand21 View Post
True, true, the coaches probably dont say that to their most accomplished kids
1st, likely the thing to help you most is to NOT get too much below the contact
point on your backswing, resulting in a more level swing into and thru contact.
Do still get slightly below it though.

As to hitting thru 3-5 balls, its a matter of understanding the contact better.
The key imo is to know that the hitting thru 3 balls can help some to get better
drive out thru the ball, but can also mess up some who take it more literally and
have the physical awareness
to try to actually keep the racket on the target line
out past contact. The racket face should actually work an ARC thru the
target line that intersects at the contact point. To get more power, that arc
should track more closely inline with the target line, and the arc will deviate from
the line more for more spin on shots.
A person who has the awareness to take it more literally when hitting out thru
3 balls can spoil the arc of their swing with it leading to depth control problems; which imo is quite common with rec players.
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