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Default Pacific Nat Gut Durability Issues

Recently started using a Pac Nat Gut/CoFocus Hybrid and while I love this setup - I am not getting the expected durability. (strung at 52/49 - and 17g each)

Even after 2 hours play I'm seeing some fraying on the gut - and I'm only getting 6-8 hours of play from it.

I have an aggressive swing - lots of topspin on the forehand and slice on backhand.

I've strung with the gut 3 times and continue to struggle with watching for kinks - (they seem to just magically appear). Can stringing issues be the cause?

Would switching to Pacific Tough Gut provide more durability? How might it play differently?

Any other thoughts? I would love to stay with this setup - plays better than anything else I've tried... but can't afford to replace this every 6-8 hours.
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