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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
I can't understand the American obsession with college sports, and statistics in American sports.
Well for a number of years college sports were bigger than pro basketball and football until only a few years ago dominated the sports pages along with baseball. It was a regional thing but with TV and cable pro sports exploded in he 60s. The exception is Baseball that WAS THE sport in the states for decades and it's a game based on statistics - in fact all of the big 3 sports American football, Basketball and Baseball are statistics driven.

And the REAL reason for all that is the gambling aspect - even though it's illegal in the states to bet (except Vegas) its a HUGE reason Football has become the no.1 sport in the states. The betting lines are posted and discussed everywhere as are the injury reports daily in the papers and talked about on radio and TV -

Folks gamble on college and pro football/ basketball and it takes in billions of dollars weekly........
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