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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
For someone who claims to strive for accuracy, you are pretty good an inaccurately representing what I have said.

To repeat, primary is not a synonym for as exclusive, it is more like 'first'; go look it up. Secondarily, you explore the geographic territory covered by your conference. Thirdly you go nationally and internationally. This is recruiting 101.

The people at UH are good people. Even with our great weather, they have their own particular set of recruiting challenges. If you know any 5,4 or 3 stars encourage them to contact our coaches. They will not be told don't bother if you're not top 30.

I actually had a chance to see UW womens team live over the past weekend in SD and they look pretty deep to me. They don't have a bonafide top 10 player but from 1-7, they are deep. My daughter played two of their players in her bracket and they are consistent, strong competitors. In fact, the UW player that my daughter played in the semis took USC, Stanford and UCLA to three sets last yr and beat Arizona and A State in dual matches. So it's not like they are getting blown out by the PAC 12 teams. The overall scores might be lopsided last yr but the matches were competitive. UW is just in a very tough conference.

They should be very competitive this yr in the PAC 12. As for UH, I lived in Hawaii for two years and know J Hernandez well. He has done a remarkable job of building his team from nowhere to a top 55 rankings last year. It's true that it is hard to recruit top Americans so he build his program with foreign players. Looks like UW did the same and should be better for it in the long run
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