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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Pot, kettle, black. Sorry, but do you really think people don't see through your passive aggressive routine ? Lecture me in the number of blue chips and the 'need for accuracy' and your snarky little "but you knew that" comments, and then call me condescending...amazing...

This is just, well, silly. Coaches, or business people, or elementary school kids for that matter, are expected to manage multiple, sometimes conflicting priorities. For instance one of my primary responsibilities is to work to support my family, but I still manage to spend time(too much) on this message board, and do other things, like eat, for instance. I really can't believe how I have to explain how the PNW should be her primary but not exclusive area for recruiting.

Have you even been reading this thread ? Its directed at her becuase she made the quote. And the thread was started(by someone else, not me) because one of her foreign "blue chip" equivalents lost to a 12 year old.I didn't start this thread to call her out. But I don't mind doing it either.

More passive-aggressive stuff, sweet. Imply all you want that I have some secret hidden motive but I think I have been very straight forward. I don't have any interest in University of Washington beyond the interest of the vast majority of tennis parents who are deeply disturbed at the trend in foreign scholarships. My concern is that another top 50 university has for all intents and purposes closed its doors to American tennis players. While there are a significant number of tennis scholarships available for women players, they increasingly being shut out of the best universities by coaches like this.
Anything I say now would be repetitious because I still believe what I have said here, and I haven't been persuaded by your arguments or tone. But more repetition would undoubtedly be boring for the Board.

I will accept that you are part of a group that is "deeply disturbed", as you say. I guess in the process of discussion, countervailing points that would have tended to mitigate any disturbing feelings got under your skin. I regret that.

So, after this I'm off in responding to you here (I think), not ignoring you.....maybe you will choose to raise this topic in the College Forum, as has been done by others before, and express your disturbance and concerns there. If you do, one of the points I might make is that this is not a Jill Hultquist issue any more than it is a Jun Hernandez issue at U Hawaii. I think Jill Hultquist should be appreciated for her candor and for letting recruits know where they stand vis-a-vis her program.

EDIT: I guess I just repeated myself in that last sentence, sorry for that.

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