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Originally Posted by VPhuc tennis fan View Post
And Murray can?
I just think Rafa has given Djoker a good (or better) run for his money than Murray. I'm not saying Rafa WON them all, but if I have to rank Murray and Rafa based on their defensive prowess, Rafa will be slightly ahead. That may be because of Rafa's mental attitude.
Murray's slice puts Djokovic in a lot more uncomfortable position than Nadal's topspin. Murray is able to stay with Djokovic for a long time in most rallies. That can be seen in the last three matches they have played this year.

Like I said, away from clay, from a pure baseline rally perspective, Murray is the only player who comes close to Djokovic. The rest stand very little chance to win the vast majority of the rallies with Djokovic.
Andy Murray
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