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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
That was a one off. Have you forgotten how badly Murray beat Federer at Olympics or just a few weeks ago?
That was a two off..

Dude, he proved he can beat one of the best two days ago and came mighty close to beating THE best 1 day ago. A few months ago, he beat both Murray and Djokovic at Wimbledon. In March, he beat Nadal on a slow slow windy windy hardcourt. What you say has been said a million times. He'd never beat Djoko after AO08! He'd never beat Nadal after W08, he'd never be world no. 1 again after Cincy 08. Next thing? he won USO. And went on to complete career slam. In 2010 after losing to Soderling and berdych in slams, same thing. In 2011, after losing 2 set leads against djokovic and Tsonga. Same thing. Yet he keeps coming back. Eventually, you will be right, eventually he will NEVER beat one of the big 4 again. But there's no reason why that point has already come. You said never, which means, never ever. Zero times, from now on. A 'one off' already proves you wrong. You sure there won't be any more 'one off's?'
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