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You'd be surprised how far being "nice" (which in context here means playing according to the code) gets you. The only problem with playing "nice" is that everyone gets a little more "critical" the further (and closer) a match becomes.

When you're wining 5-0 they will usually just give you "everything". If they come back to 5-5 then the lines become skinnier; court becomes smaller, bodies become bigger; the clock starts to tick, between points and changeovers; feet become happy, stepping into the court, ect.

I'm a little too honest. It's why some people cant play doubles with me. I will overrule them, or give away points if its not called quickly or if there is hesitation. But, the ones who know me know, that if that courtesy isnt extended back, I have a lot of ways I can get "even".

I have a slight tendency to bean people on complete accident. I have a large tendency to bean people on purpose in response to cheating. Even if I dont actually hit them, it usually does the trick.
"In the 1980's two men dominated--sometimes each other, most of the time everyone else."
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