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Originally Posted by Brian72 View Post
To say that he is way better winning matches he should win compared to the others is just a bit of an overstatement.

Not saying he isn't good. In 2012, Djokovic lost to 2 players outside the top 10. Federer lost to 3 players outside the top 10 in 2012. Obviously Federer has had a great career and has gotten to at least the Semi's of the Majors a record number of times. But If you are comparing current Roger to Current top 4 making that he is way better doesn't hold water.
No. But that's why Djokovic is number 1 and Federer only number 2 no? I am talking since 2008, and since 2008. The two are equal, but Djokovic maybe does better than Rog against top opposition like Nadal and Murray, but he doesn't do better since then against the rest of the field. That's why Fed has remained so close for all these years.

Anyways, no reason to defend old Roger too much. It's all obvious that what he's still doing is incredible and can not in any way put a dent in his legacy.
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