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Originally Posted by dcdoorknob View Post
Couldn't you have just cited the exact rule being discussed to disprove his claim?

I did recently have an opponent swear up and down that we could not call a let when another court's ball bounced onto our court behind her in the middle of a point, as she didn't see it or call it and only the people on that side of the court can call a let.
Yeah, I could have just cited the rule. I was kind of explaining how I remember the rule. To me, it is logical and consistent with the idea that you call things that occur when the ball is on its way to you. That covers the situations Woodrow identified in the quote rule above.

Maybe I am unusual, but I am always looking for logical ways to remember things. Like, people often get confused about who should serve first in a new set when a tiebreak decided the previous set. I cannot quote the rule. I can say how I remember it: The player who served first in the tiebreak can consider the tiebreak her service game, so that means the other team should serve first in the new set.
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