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Originally Posted by tacou View Post
I'm assuming the 6 week off season counts? When did his injury officially begin? He played Wimbledon and did not lose by injury retirement so I am assuming it starts July 9 at the earliest (day after Wimbledon).

That means six months would be January 9th, 5 days before AO. So when the draw is made, Rafa will be out less than six months, and also will have (hopefully) played a few exo matches.

Will be interesting to see how that all works out.
It is not about when the draw is made but about when he plays his first tournament after the injury timeout. If he declares himself available for the AO then at the time of the draw it will be apparent that this tournament is more than 6 months after his injury timeout. Therefore, he will be automatically seeded 3.

Interestingly, it is not in his best interests to play tournaments right at the beginning of the year as this would not be six months from the start of his official injury. If he did that, he'd play whatever ranking he had by the AO (likely 4).
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