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To be honest, I don't miss Nadal that much. But objectively, I think he's good for the game. He just frustrates me at times. Anyway, Roger had a great year.Winning Wimbledon, reclaiming no. 1 and playing so welll from basel 11 basically up until Cincy 12 was amazing. He has cooled off quite a bit, but still a great season. The biggest disappointments were the Olympic final and the AO semi against Nadal. USO was disappointing too as was WTF, but during USO I did not feel that bad, because his season felt perfect already. The AO and Olympic gold medal amtch hurt a lot though.

For the rest, the season was pretty interesting. A bit too much insane defense rather than insane offense though. Wimbledon with the roof closed was kind of quick tennis, but other than that, those 'classics' at AO and USO I don't like to see at all. That's my biggest disappointment by far.

Haase's bad season was bad for Dutch tennis, but Igor did well and De Bakker is slowly coming back into some form as well.
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