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Originally Posted by krz View Post
Yes, it is explosive but, so is gasoline. I figure if terrorist were going to be making car bombs at large they would already be doing that.

Hydrogen is combustible in air only within a narrow range. If there were a leak it would dissipate very quickly into the atmosphere without issue.

Given that a hydrogen cars use electric not combustion engines, unless people were lighting matches and poking holes in tanks I don't think explosions are too much of an issue.

However, the pitfalls for both cars are more or less the same. In the end they both rely on electricity that is most likely produced from burning fossil fuels. Whether it be electrolysis or plugging in the battery.

Although, I saw you posted earlier that there is a car that takes a minute to recharge but, never posted the name of the car. Though you did post a link to the leaf vs volt both of which certainly take more than a couple minutes to charge.

Ok, thanks for your thoughts and views ..
The car that has interchangable batteries as its forte is what you are thinking of i believe.
Thats the key strength of the Renault ZE cars,they work with Nissan. see

they have a very extensive website incl showing the way the cars are in use + change of battery .
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