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Originally Posted by JetFlyr View Post
I'd like to know which of them is best in a full bed of synthetic gut. If one of them is best in a full bed, wouldn't it stand to reason that it would also be good as a cross?

I've found the inverse isn't true: I'm satisfied with OGSM as a cross, but not in a full bed. It doesn't play the same as PSGD or Perfect Spin, both of which I like.

I will be using it in dual roles: both as a stand alone full bed synthetic gut, and in hybrids... and for customers and myself.
Crossing and full bed are two COMPLETELY different animals.

You have to remember that often times, folks on the TT forums use hybrids primarily for cost savings. Since the "mains" of the racquet generally defines how the string bed interacts with the ball, then you can cut back costs by stringing the crosses with an inexpensive syn gut. You'll get most of the benefits of the mains, without the huge hit to your wallet.

That's why so many people here like Gosen's OGSM. You can get a reel of it for next to nothing. And if you carefully measure out exactly 16 feet every time you string your crosses, that reel will last you for about 40+ hybrid string jobs!

HOWEVER, in the professional world of tennis, players hybrid for different reasons. They don't do it for cost savings, they do it because they are looking for very specific performance out of their setup. Things that they can't get with a full bed of any particular brand.

For instance: if you need gut in the mains, but a full bed of gut is just too powerful, you can tame that by crossing it with a low powered poly. It will increase the stiffness of the string bed overall, decrease the power level a bit, and add a little bit more spin potential.

So at any rate, in your case, if you're primarily concerned with crossing, then just use Gosen OGSM. It will cost you next to nothing in the long run, somewhere around less than a dollar per string job.

If you want a full bed syn gut, don't use any cheap strings, period. String construction does matter, so does pedigree. Personally, I like Babolat Nv. Y and Prince Original Synthetic Gut. They last a long time, have great feel and durability.

yes, they also make good crossing strings. But any good string will be a good crossing string... its just a matter of whether or not you want to spend extra money for little effect... as it is your mains that are most important in your setup.

Hope this helps!
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