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Originally Posted by AnotherTennisProdigy View Post
My recaps for the players

Djokovic- Obviously couldn't replicate last year's success (who could), but in my opinion it was still a successful year. Even though there were no breakthroughs in the middle of the year, he managed to defend his Australian open and won his first World Tour Final against Federer, a court where the Swiss thrives in. Although it was close he was able to defend his number one ranking.

Murray- The monkey is finally off the Scott's back, he is officially a slam winner. With Lendl at his side, he gave us a taste of what was to come at the Aussie open Semifinals against Djokovic. Although he lost in the end he showed is that he could compete with the big four. He later gained an emotional win in the Olympics in London, completing his revenge against Federer on the same venue. Finally, his quest for the slam ended at the U.S. Open when he edged Djokovic in 5. At this point Murray has fully established himself as a part of the Big 4. Murray is my personal player of the year.

Federer- I think it is safe to say Federer surprised us all, even his fans. He was under the radar until Indian Wells arrived where he beat his nemesis Rafael Nadal on a slow outdoor court, normally unfavorable for him. Then he ended his slam drought at Wimbledon with a four set win over a determined Murray. He proved to us that he was still a threat at slams. However, another slam win was predicted by many if not the majority. What truly surprised us is his rise back to world #1. Many assumed he would never regain the top spot, that Sampras' record was now out of reach. Roger pulled the rug under Novak when we least expected.

I'll do the rest of the top ten later.
+1 Nice analysis mate (and not just because you said some nice things about Murray). BTW 'Scot' has only one t - thanks.
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