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Originally Posted by HarryB-97 View Post
I just wanted to find out a couple of things about the ZM9T before I went ahead and bought a pair.

Firstly, Im a fast and powerful mover on the court and have previously been a fan of the courtballistecs and barricades due to their impressive stability. Does the ZM9T offer good stability? As I really do not want to roll an ankle. Ive heard stories about the vapor tipping over and I want to find out if this really is the case.

I would also like to know about the sizing. I wear a size 12 US in the courtballistec 3.3 and a size 11.5 US in the barricade 7. Does anybody have any recommendations on what size I should get in the vapor 9 tour?
Much thanks for any advice.
ugh, i tweaked my ankle last monday, happened to be the first day i wore the vapor 9's. Don't get me wrong, gsoat in the comfort department but for some reason they got rid of the "fed wedge design" that dates back to the vapor 4's and all of their performance level tennis shoes since then. Feel a slight difference from the breathe 2k11s, which has the extra 1/8" of rubber protruding from the side. I'll get over it, i just don't understand why they did it.
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