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1) Djokavic - it's hard to see someone over-taking him right now. he's just better than Murray and everyone else had a good reason why they wont' be #1..

2) Murray - again, youth, hunger consistency

3) Del Potro - I think he wins a slam next year, I'm just not sure which one. I don't like him, but he's getting back to '09 form slowly but surely.

4) Federer - cuts down on tourneys and has a lot to defend and he's not going to defend it all. I hope for one slam.... I have a bad feeling it's going to be worse than 2011

5) Nadal - Wins 2 clay masters and the French Open and nothing else.... and that's good enough for this ranking.

6) Ferrer - because at this point it doesn't matter anymore.. we're talking about guys that can't win slams... no one that hasn't won one yet seems ready to take a leap.

7) Byrdych


9) no one is still reading my post

10) you've left by now, right?
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