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Default Interesting Head to heads!

I think one of the best things about tennis is the fact that tactic is a huge part of the game and allows a lower ranked player to beat his opponent based on a certain shot / tactic.
Since I知 a huge tennis fan and also playing myself (of course not professional) I found out that, there are always some matchup issues. So I started to use ATP world tours head2head searcher, trying to find some interesting head2head records.

I think this is really a great forum but sadly there are a lot of young kids / immature guys, so I just want to point out that I知 not against some players neither I知 trying to say who is the best (or GOAT if you will) whatsoever.

All I want to do is find some obvious matchup issues between players. I知 not searching for obvious head2heads. What I mean by that is, if a top 10 players leads against someone out of the top 10 by something like 8-4. That is somewhat predictable. If it痴 the other way around, that痴 what I知 looking for.
Another thing what I like to concentrate on is, if someone dominates another player (i.e. Federer Ferrer 14-0), especially due to the fact that both have been in the top20s for ages.

Since there are a lot of things one has to consider, to make a fair comparison, I just like to point out what I think is important:
  1. Age
It痴 definitely not a fair comparison if someone is at his peak (let痴 say 25 years of age) playing against an 18 year old kid. Also the other way around. A player at his peak against a player at his 30+. Still, it痴 interesting to see if there are some clear results. (No, I don稚 want to start a Federer Nadal head2head discussion!!)
  1. Ranking
This kind of could go hand in hand with the age. I just think that it should be considerd if someone was maybe injured for quite some time and just coming back (i.e. Del Potro). Or Agassi for instance who was not even in the top 100 at some point.
  1. Total number of matches
I think 2 or 3 matches is the minimum of matches played, so it is a fair comparison. Why 2 or 3? Well I think playing someone once doesn稚 necessarily mean he has a matchup issue.
  1. (Surface)
The surface is really a beauty of tennis. Sadly today there aren稚 many different surfaces anymore, but still there is obviously a difference for some players to have success on let痴 say both grass and clay (i.e. Ferrer).

I hope I知 not the only one who finds that interesting. I would update the head2heads if you guys are also interested.

To sum up:
I知 searching for surprises and clear onesided head2heads. I haven稚 looked much for onesided head2heads thought.
English is not my first language, so I hope everything was kind of comprehensible.
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