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Originally Posted by crazygamer2091 View Post
Limiting varsity spots will definitely not help the game whatsoever. The town next to where I live, South Brunswick, had a huge dilemma because of this last season. Their varsity team has been division champs for the past 3 years because none of their starters left. This coming season, it will be the same deal leaving no spots for any players on JV to move up. When the players on JV realized this, 3/4's of the team quit. There is no motivation to play especially when you realize you're not going to get a starting spot on Varsity. Why waste time making varsity and be benched the whole season when you could spend your time elsewhere to improve your game like playing tournaments?
It looks like all of the good players go to your school. They should be attending all of the schools equally in your area. If 50 kids go out for tennis and 9 make varsity, and the rest don't quit, obviously varsity is not the motivation to play. Your argument is lacking based on this factor and your team being loaded with all of the city's players. Spread the wealth! Then you would have competitive matches as well which strengthens the sport.
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