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Also - we should all remember that the age factor is against Roger for all of these years. I would say in 2008 or 2009 the odds were still perhaps neutral, but by 2010 and later, Rafa, Nole and Murray were all coming into their physical prime while Roger was moving past that. The fact that he still remains competitive is incredibly impressive just by itself. Let's not forget how Sampras lost in the USO final in 2000 and 2001 in straight sets when he was still only 28 and 29 versus a couple of teenagers (Hewitt and Safin) who had a fraction of the talent or consistency of Rafa, Nole and Murray. Roger is well past his physical prime - yet he still takes these younger challengers to 5 grueling sets (think USO SF 2010 and 2011 against Djokovic). But yes it's clear that today his rivals have a significant edge in sustaining long rallies and Roger is resorting more and more to his shotmaking/offensive talent and, to his credit, remains competitive (but increasingly coming up short in the big moments).

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