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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I plan to captain 7.5 ladies combo in January 2013. Our 2012 team was very strong and missed Districts by an eyelash.

When new ratings come out this month, I expect almost all of my 20 ladies to be 4.0. Which means we cannot possibly have a 7.5 team with the current roster.

I am torn about how to handled this. My personal goal is to put together a strong team and make another run at Districts for 2013. I anticipate that by 2014 I will be ready to play and captain 8.5.

I see a few options.

1. The Cold-Hearted Option. When new ratings come out, I just send a message to the team saying we have too many 4.0s and I can only take ten. Then invite ten 4.0s and set about finding ten 3.5s. I would not make decisions based solely on seniority. I would be looking for players who are strong players and who are easy to partner and easy to captain. There would be some very surprised and angry people left out in the cold.

2. The Consensus Option. Send out an email telling the team the numbers problem. See what folks want to do and take it from there.

3. The Random Draw Option. Put all of the 4.0 names in a hat and draw them into two piles. Recruit another person from the other pile to captain a second competing team. The issue here is that players are not chattel and some may not like their assigned team.

4. The Cut and Run Option.I could just send out an email dissolving the team. Someone else can take over and assemble the roster however they like. I would not treat captaining like a jump ball, as there are a few folks who would make dreadful captains. I would hand it over to someone who knows how to captain.

5. Move Up To 8.5. Declare that the team is moving up to 8.5 combo, and anyone who wants the challenge can have a go.

What have you other captains done? What works, and what doesn't work?
Options 2 and 3 are non-starters in my opinion.
Option 5 is independent of the others, since you could 'promote' the existing team to 8.5 and still field some variation of it as 7.5.
Option 4 is also somewhat independent. If you don't want to captain, don't captain. If you do want to captain, it solves nothing.

Option 1 is good, as long as you're up front with the existing team-members about what your intentions and goals are.

And then there's another option: You captain the team with a more social attitude. You take the players you get along with best, that have fun together, and that are easy to captain. Maybe not as strong a team as would result from option 1, but perhaps more enjoyable.
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