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Originally Posted by psYcon View Post
It's fairly irritating. Sometime back while in office I saw a co-worker of mine, a guy in his late 30s rambling about some football match to another. He then asks me if I saw such and such match, and I told him I am more of a tennis fan. He had this look on his face like he had almost never heard of that sport before. I asked him if he knew about Roger Federer or Nadal , and he gave me this blank stare. He had not even heard of Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi. The only guy he had 'heard' about was McEnroe.

Honestly, after that exchange, I started distancing myself from that guy. I don't care how unpopular a sport tennis is in the US now. How can someone not even have heard of these legendary players??
Same deal with voting, it's the middle "Undecideds", you know the ones that have never studies monetary policy, even basic economics that the candidates have to pander to.

I hate talking bad about my country, but I believe we are spoiled. Our fathers built a great nation for us, too great! Too easy! My foreign distributors CRUSH my American distributors, not because they are smarter, but they act like if they don't do everything they won't eat.

Same deal with Tennis, we have a great Amateur program, why are we dominated by guys in Switzerland or Serbia? Spain? I think they are hungrier. I saw a great study that tracked American sports success to the level of money involved, it was fascinating, the golden age of boxing came as Ali started getting bigger purses, not guaranteed $20m for one fight, but it showed if you gave 100% you could do great, same deal with Tennis, Conners, Mac, Sampras, Aggassi, where have they all gone? Where is the next American legend? I've seen some of these kids, I don't mean at school, but at the centers where they get private lessons with the pros and they are AMAZING, just incredible, this one kid Justin Bower said was like one in the country, don't know what level, but he said "This kid moves us around". I saw another study that showed guys like, oh what is their names, Donald Youngs of the world, have all the talent in the world, get a good payday and the hunger stops. I'm not saying this is what is going on, but look at America's population, Tennis is very popular and a great amateur program and trainers, yet no stars. The last was Roddick, and while incredible certainly no legend.

Sorry about my mini rant, it just seems America is different, everyone is an expert on things they know nothing of, and will argue with you to death over their point.

Don't get mad at me, just one mans opinion.
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