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Originally Posted by RF20Lennon View Post
Rumor is nadal got manhandled 6-3 6-0 but ssssh!!!!
Since when is losing 6-3 6-0 even remotely comparable to Federer getting absolutely pounded 1-6 3-6 0-6 by Rafael Nadal? I'm glad Nadal gave him that well-deserved beating, particularly because he really sent out a message that Federer is his puppet and that Federer doesn't stand a chance against him in 5 sets. The mental gap was now insurmountable, and Federer winning only 4 games in a grand slam final showed the world that he will never, EVER beat Nadal in a slam again, much less Roland Garros. It's Nadal's payback for the Federer-fan vitriol, and the hearts and souls of Federer fans will ache as it no longer becomes a joke as to whether or not Nadal will pass Federer's slam count. It's all fun and games until Nadal hits 16. And then 17. Reality hits. 18. 19. Suddenly Federer just becomes another talent, like Nastase.

Did their World Tour Finals meeting send out that message? Nope. This was on one of the biggest stages in mens' tennis. A SLAM.

It's not a rivalry. It WASN'T a rivalry. It was, and IS, utter domination.

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