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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
DC is all politicians and other prostitutes.

It's not that the drivers are bad, it's just that everyone is in a rush to connect. And Baltimore is a suburb of DC.
Senator Jay Bullworth (the never-indicted, never-requited, trusted pubic servant): "Janet and Jill, we'll finish playing 'pin-the-tail-on-the-honky' later. Meanwhile, er, Jerome?....this one's yours, please run with it my good friend...."

Jerome (the senator's trusted aide-de-camp): "You got it, ya boozin' womanizer!....'"

Marion Barry, was always harried
he scored his blow, via cash & carry
He'd whip out his bills from a big, fat stack
and cop some rock, 'cause the man loved crack!

He ran on the party machine-backed dough
got busted with primo weed 'n good blow
He copped a plea, he then took the fall,
went straight from jail back to City Hall

This past April, he marked the occassion
with: "we got to do something, about these Asians"
He cracked absurd as he lit up his pipe
If 'words were birds' he'd be covered in white

As useless as this, that you are reading
Barry will never get, a ticket for speeding
In the midst of decay and urban strife
he got the ok as DC's "mayor-for-life"
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