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Default Current shoe sizing on Nikes assistance please!

As a guy who likes the retro look of the current Nike Vapors and Ballistecs, I have a quick question. I currently play with the Adidas Barricade 7s in Size 8 and use them for both practice and match play. As I have a few pairs, some are for practice and others are fore tournaments, etc.

My question is, which size in the Vapors and which size in the Ballistecs should I try?

The qualifiers are as follows; 1) I live in an area where I basically have to order everything tennis related. 2) In previous Ballistecs, the shoes were very narrow and had very stiff soles. 3) I've heard/read that the current Ballistecs are really narrow and to consider a half-size bigger. 4) I've never worn any of the Vapors because I didn't like the style.

Before playing exclusively with Adidas when the Barricade 6s came out, I would wear Nike shoes that had really flexible soles. In the recent past, I bought the Ballistec 3.3 and found that because the soles were very stiff, I could only wear them casually.

If the current shoes (Retro Looks) aren't suitable for me, I'd still like to wear them casually...

Thanks for the help.

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