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Originally Posted by Mitch Bridge View Post
It looks like all of the good players go to your school. They should be attending all of the schools equally in your area. If 50 kids go out for tennis and 9 make varsity, and the rest don't quit, obviously varsity is not the motivation to play. Your argument is lacking based on this factor and your team being loaded with all of the city's players. Spread the wealth! Then you would have competitive matches as well which strengthens the sport.
Who said anything about all the good players going to my school? I clearly said that the town next to me. As for spreading the wealth, refer to my post a few days prior about the high school tennis being only competitive at 1st and 2nd singles around here because of the number of nationally ranked players that decide to play.

Frankly, I feel like you're being rather stubborn. You proposed an idea and almost everyone is against it. I think it's time you backed down a bit and take a closer look at what we've all been saying Mitch instead of downplaying it and continuing to try to prove your point to no prevail. Have a nice day.
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