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I think my thoughts came from a background of team sports and real individual sports, where your performance is more important than what you do to interact with other's.
Team sports, you do your 1/5th, or 1/11ths. ONE mistake from any of the guys can lose it for the team.
Individual sports, like surfing, skiing, and motocross, is dependent on your performance, the other guys matter little or nothing. Sure, they can crash you out, they can get in your way, but that's incidental contact.
Even in golf, what YOU do is what matters. Don't matter if your foursome is comprised of one Lefty, one hottie, and one duffer. What YOU do is what counts.
Same as in tennis. If I play well, I can easily play strong 4.5.
If I suck as usual, I can peek down into 3.5 with a good look.
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