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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
The strange thing is that I have a lot of muscle, I believe in working out with weights also.
Your exercise may have worked against you.

Most exercises involve flexion and extension, not the rotational forces so prevalent in tennis.

Therefore your strong muscles were able to pull on your tendons with more force than if you hadn't exercised, but your tendons were not ready for the excess rotational forces.

This devise really works the forearm muscles in a rotational fashion, so that your foream/elbow will later be ready for tennis.

Therefore, it is likely that your physical therapy will involve initially using a red, and much later, a green flexbar.
Thera-Band FlexBar Video Demonstration

Later, I would urge you to do all of the Thrower's ten exercises to help prevent shoulder and wrist (as well as elbow problems), as these exercises bring muscles through all the different directions (including rotational) that tennis playing involves.
Thrower's Ten Exercises:

[It's not that you are 38.

It's that you are bringing your strong muscles explosively through ranges of muscle that they have not been prepared for in your exercise program.]
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