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Originally Posted by pepka View Post
I think that Knicks under MDA were a top 6-7 defensive team one year. Phoenix never played any D so that's that but they almost got to the finals despire injuries and suspensions. I'm not the biggest fan of Pringles but i think guy desreves a chance. People (me included) are mad how the whole "Phil thing" got handled. It is, what it is. MDA never had so much talent on his teams... Phil always
Here's a funny vid,
P.s. Westbrook won't change
He will when he gets booted to a non-contender because he's a black hole for the basketball.

The thing about those Phoenix years was that, you can throw a Mike Brown, Tom Thibodeau, and your favorite defensive oriented coach in there and they still wouldn't play defense. They just didn't have the personnel.
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