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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
It doesn't matter how fast you do it, acording to the rules it is a first serve for the server.

just to end this:

USTA Comment 13.2: What happens when there is a delay between the first and second serves? If the delay is caused by the Receiver (such as a broken string or contact lens problem), an official, or outside interference, the whole point is replayed. If the Server caused the delay, such as when the Server breaks a string, the Server gets one serve. Note that a spectator’s call (“out,” “fault,” or other), a spectator’s ringing cell phone, or grunting on an adjacent court is not basis for replaying the point. Action should be taken to prevent further spectator interference.
Per rule, it is up to the receiver to decide if the interruption was sufficiently long to warrant a first serve. If I can grab another racquet faster than I could clear a ball that rolled onto the court (per rule, this does not warrant a first serve), then I don't agree that they were hindered.

That said, I already agreed I'd give them a first serve. I just think people whine too much about needing new first serves.
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