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Default Correct Way to Tension Racquetball Mains

Hey, I have my own stringer and usually just string tennis racquets. I recently got ask by some friends to string their racquetball racquets. I do my own racquetball racquets, but they are ektelons with the power ring so they arent so difficult to string.

I wanted to know what the correct way to tension the main strings for racquets that have the strings going through the handle since my stringer isnt long enough to pull tension at the handle (i.e. e-force, wilson,..). Do i just tension everything from the head (loop through the handle and pull tension from head).

Also, for the head racquets with the internal grommets, my stringer does not have a break (gamma X-6fc), is it okay to loop through the internal grommets of the power channel system and pull tension from the top of the racquet just like the question before?

Thank you for reading and i appreciate any response.
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