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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Dempsey is a slightly better version of Kevin Nolan, contributes little to overall play but good at poaching goals.

Both he and Sigurdsson would benefit from Ade playing rather than Defoe because Ade actually gets other players involved unlike Defoe who's always looking to shoot first.
Dempsey doesn't poach, or atleast when he plays for the U.S, he sits behind the strikers and creates space for our wingers. And when all else fails, he shoots (as you guys would know ).

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
He did do that, and that was great. From what I've seen though, and from what I know the general feeling from the fans is, that (some would say flukey) victory aside, he hasn't really impressed at all. Moreover, the view is the top quality Van DerVaart and Modric have not been adequately replaced. All that said, him, AVB, etc do need more time, absolutely.
No doubt that VdV was and is better than Dempsey. He's also younger; and came from Real Madrid. Dempsey came from Fulham. He's more creative, faster, much more technically proficient, and has a better shot. Regarding Modric, he hasn't impressed much at Madrid, but he too is better than Dempsey. If you have a problem with the fact that your club signed Dempsey over someone else, it's not his fault. Blame it on the manager and his tactics or the club's president.

Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post

So talks have already started, personal terms agreed and the player says he wants the move.

It was only last week they were saying Chelsea were going to look elsewhere, strange one!
I hope it happens!
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