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Originally Posted by sunof tennis View Post
How in the world does that make Lendl a better tennis player? Frankly, this argument is a complete red herring. You don't list their respective records for the obvious reason that Roger's accomplishments dwarf Lendl's. You don't go through a stroke analaysis because everyone of Roger's strokes is better than Lendl's. Instead you try to divert the argument by talking about their respective childhood environments
That is the base for everything else, btw. You will learn that once you grow up and have kids of your own...

IMO, you cannot compare the two -- totally different times, totally different competition, totally different strokes.
We can speculate what if. One thing for sure, Federer would not have 17 Slams in his pocket if he were playing during Lendl's generation...

That is why the whole GOAT discussion is absolute waste of time

EX: 2012 BMW (F30) runs faster, smoother, corners better, sounds and looks better than 1989 BMW (E30), but every car enthusiast knows which one to enjoy better... Different generations and standrds...
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