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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post

It would make sense if it was 2008. Federer lost's his top ranking in 2008, regained it in 2009, lost it once more in 2010 and regained it in 2012. Why would he wait till the last match of 2012 to throw such a tantrum, huh, Sherlock? What was it for?
You realize that we are talking about the WTF and the "seating rule" that applies there.
You also realize that we are talking about the final against Djokovic, the opponent Federer does not like and the opponent that took away the #1 spot from him and the opponine that has been kicking his ***** the most lately.

How, do not get too emotional about your Swiss hero, but use your brain and add things up and it will become clear to you why the stuck up did it.

Yes, I do not like Federer, however, I fully acknowledge his great contribution to tennis and his game greatness.
Outside of the court, he is a totally different "contributor"
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