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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Nice try ("I assume that logic does not apply in your village" - HILARIOUS) but you still haven't answered my question. Why did Federer take the chair on the right in the Fed-Ferrer match at the 2007 Tennis Masters Cup? There are a few possible answers:

1) Nobody gives a crap about which seats to take, you take the one you like.
2) The rule (which no-one has confirmed so far - I myself have been following tennis for years now yet I've never heard of this) that the higher ranked player has to seat on the left was introduced after 2007. If this was true, it could somehow explain Federer's behavior as he was used to sitting "wherever he wanted to" for years.
3) He took the wrong seat but didn't notice it, not that it mattered.
4) He took the wrong seat because he's humble and wanted Ferrer to feel better.
I did answer your question, the problem is that you need tome to comprehend the answer...

I said -- I DO NOT know what the rule is and why someone else sat where they did. Maybe it is a "new tradition"?
However, a reputable source, like USA TODAY, has released the story, not me, not the OP.
Maybe it is the London tradition?

Nevertheless, the article claims it to be the tradition, clearly Novak's towel, visible to everyone, was there, right in Federer's face.

Did he do it on purpose -- I cannot claim it a 100%, however, knowing and learning his behavior over the past years, I'd say -- Federer knew EXACTLY what he was doing.
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