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Originally Posted by tbuggle View Post
find him a string that feels good to him and teach him to straighten his strings if need be??

I've been straightening strings all my tennis years, what's the big deal?

....and i know about poly snapping back, yada yada. i play cheap string (syngut mostly) that i straighten as needed. guess i'm gettin' old....

sounds kinda anal to me, but maybe a soft poly of some sort??

otherwise, continue the whizzing. carry on!
It's not just about being anal. If a synthetic string moves it's a good indication that it's losing a lot of tension and is not a great string for that reason. If a poly is moving, it's a sure sign that it's dead or dying, so if it's moving after 2 hours, it doesn't have good playability duration.

I also notice that strings that don't move give better spin. On top that, since the stringbed stays more consistent during the rally, that means a more consistent response.
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