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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
x-ray and mri shows "mild osteoarthritic changes" in both knees, and small
tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus of right knee.

My knees feel stiff when I run. Very little pain, but I can only jog slowly due to the stiffness.

After completing a jog of 5 miles, the knees begin to hurt a few hours after and it gets worse by the next day.

I have to rest for a day or two before I can jog again.


Why does rest decrease the knee pain?

i.e., If the cartilage that cushions the knee is worn down, shouldn't the knees hurt every time I try to run?

On your MRI how mild was "mild"?
Depending on your age, is the "mild" so small, that your knees have less arthritic changes than seen on most knee MRI's?

How small is "small"?
Small like in so tiny only a sharp eyed radiologist could even possibly think there is a tear there? Or is it something that is really a potential problem?

Too few realize that MRI's are open to much interpretation. What might be "small" to one radiologist interpreting the images might be "moderate" to another. Or he could use the word "small" when it is really miniscule.

If I were you, I would visit an experienced sports medicine specialist with a special interest in knees and have him examine you and review the MRI (bring it with you) and give an honest opinion of what is going on, and what he would recommend.
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