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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Sorry to hear you are still having problems Rickson.

(Miss seeing more of your great posts here.)

Unfortunately I think Say Chi Sin Lo is mostly correct above.

But "partial" can mean so many different things, in your partial tear.

And if it has been a while since an exam and imaging, the process may have changed, or even a new problem is present.

Won't it really come down to visiting a trusted physician to determine your best course of action?
Also, I want to add to the fact that sometimes, the torn pieces of partial tears can get "caught". And I can't imagine that being fun at all.

Partial tears generally don't require surgeries, the body can take care of it. Unless the pieces get caught/trapped within the join and the torn pieces are just shaved off during the surgery. Or, if the partial tear is approaches to that of a complete tear, AND/OR the patient requests to return at/near pre-injury performance level.

I was the latter with my shoulder. Had a partially torn supraspinatus and posterior labrum, told my doctor I want to return to pre-injury performance level. So he went in and cleaned up the mess, essentially putting the joint in the best possible environment to heal.
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