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OK, here are the 25 rackets that Hans missed. Starting at the far left of picture number 1 and going around the room to the right they are:

Slazenger Omega
I. Kateb (Large slit through the throat)
Seiko 357 mag. (Looks a lot like the Fischer Powerwood)
Head Edge and Head Vector (Both "string lock" models)
Seamco Rosewall
Slazenger Plus (Dual metal shafts)
Dunlop International
MacGregor Tourney II
Dunlop Split Shaft
Intertennis Twin
MadRaq Hexagonal Concept
MadRaq New York
Kennex Micro System
BBC Titan Graphite
Weed I
MacGregor Bergline Longstring (Gold Asics edition)
Fox ATP Mid Fox (No External Grommet Holes)
Winsport Special Edition (The white Winsport racket)
Power Angle 98
Tretorn TXT 28
Dunlop Max Competition Plus Tuning System (Weights in box on racket)
Le Cog Sportif Concept 3/TXW
Weed II
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