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Originally Posted by TennisCoachIN View Post
We weren't able to get video of serve today, but will tomorrow.

I noticed that she was really quick trying to get to the trophy position and about the time that her knee were bending and the ball was at it's peak that her racquet was already out of trophy phase and behind her (waiter pose) using the full motion.

She made a lot more serves in when we tried to abbreivate her motion. She was not getting to a perfect trophy phase, but her wrist/palm were no where near what they are in the original video and her racquet face was a bit more closed.

She was frustrated, but I believe we made a little progress. Will have updated video tomorrow.
Seriously, have her give up the windup completely for a while. Not even an abbreviated takeback. Have her start with a proper trophy as I suggested. From there, make sure that she performs a decent racket head drop -- with no waiter position. Legs should straighten as the racket head drops and should be fully extended at the bottom of the drop.

If you can get her to accept this modified serve for a while, it should be much less frustrating. Who knows, she might stick with it permanently as some elite servers have. Or it could be a good stepping stone to an abbreviated takeback motion. Your first goal should be to fix the trophy and the timing of the racket head drop.

PS - You might try her with a 26" frame for her serves for a while -- even if she can handle the full size racket on her groundies.

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