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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
It's not just about being anal. If a synthetic string moves it's a good indication that it's losing a lot of tension and is not a great string for that reason. If a poly is moving, it's a sure sign that it's dead or dying, so if it's moving after 2 hours, it doesn't have good playability duration.

I also notice that strings that don't move give better spin. On top that, since the stringbed stays more consistent during the rally, that means a more consistent response.

they all move, some snap back.

and actually, the fact that the strings DO move (especially the poly as it snaps back) impart MORE spin, not less. (can someone reference that video study?)

apparently the strings that snap back better (poly) are not really an option for this "client".

we all know that brittle, crackly sound that strings get to.......then it's time.

edit: also, what pvaudio says above!

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